Shamiana 10×10 ft to 400×400 ft

A Shamiana is an artificial shelter commonly used for outdoor parties and feasts. It is portable and quite easy to set up. The fabric on the walls of the Shamiana contain numerous colors and some exquisite designs. It is designed in such a way as to protect the people from rain or sunlight during the function. The walls are supported with wooden poles and then tied to a huge nail in the ground. We provide Shamianas from the range 10×10 ft to 400×400 ft. Not only does it cover huge grounds but also guarantees safety during its stay. Dream Decors also take care of catering in cases where the necessity of the Shamiana is to serve to food. We also provide PVC, fiber, Galvanized roofing shed 40×40 ft to 200×200 ft for the wedding, school, college, political meeting. This will protect our guests from the rain, sun, and wind.