A garland is a collection of flowers that are tied together on a thread to hang around a person’s neck or an object. Garlands are also used to beautify idols of God. Some might say they are a decorative wreath or cord. In India, garlands are a regular occurrence in temples, weddings and funerals. Garlands are made of flowers and selective leaves to provide the fragrance and also a pleasing appearance. Our collection of flowers and leaves are extravagant and innovative, we use flowers like  jasmine, champaka, lotus, lilies, ashoka, nerium/oleander, chrysanthemum, roses, hibiscus, pinwheel flowers, manoranjini etc and leaves like arugampul,maruvakam, davanam, maachi, paneer leaves, lavancha to make the garlands. Not only are these garlands a traditional India way of honoring the respectable ones but also a way to see them in the highest decorative manner..