Wedding Stage decoration

The stage where the bride and groom hold hands and vow to stick with each other through thick and thin is the most important part of any wedding and therefore the stage must attract all the attention from the audience. The most important aspect of the stage decoration is the make the wedding ceremony a … Continue reading Wedding Stage decoration

Wedding Entrance Decoration

The entrance to any wedding hall should be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. We provide a wide range of decorative items for entrance decoration that includes a message amongst the beautiful decorative items. More often our guests identify the hall with the message on the decorated arch which contains the names of the bride and the … Continue reading Wedding Entrance Decoration

Car Decoration

Flowers of many kinds are used to decorate the car. Roses and Lilies are most often used to decorate the car on the outside. A bouquet if generally placed on the bonnet of the car. The colors of the flowers depend on the color of the car. Any and all decorative are used to make … Continue reading Car Decoration

Balloon Decoration

Balloon decoration is done in birthday parties, office parties, small private parties and any other special occasion. Back in the day, balloon decorations were only done for kid parties but it is amazing how many different shapes can be made out of a balloon these days. Many employees dazzle their bosses and colleagues by decorating … Continue reading Balloon Decoration


Any party should and must end with a hearty meal and that is something we will assure given the opportunity. We offer Catering services for Birthday parties, Festivals, New Year parties and other special occasions. Our menu comprises of all the delicacies from South India and also we promise to be to serve on time. … Continue reading Catering


A garland is a collection of flowers that are tied together on a thread to hang around a person’s neck or an object. Garlands are also used to beautify idols of God. Some might say they are a decorative wreath or cord. In India, garlands are a regular occurrence in temples, weddings and funerals. Garlands … Continue reading Garland

Wedding Flower Decoration

A wedding without flowers is unimaginable and incomplete. A traditional Indian wedding would consist of flowers in almost all the places except the floor. Some might even think it is crazy but the truth of the fact is that flowers are beautiful and are scented, keeping this in mind we decorate the hall with the … Continue reading Wedding Flower Decoration

Wedding Music/Band Set

Wedding music can again be categorized depending on the traditions and the household ways. Also there is a lot one can do to choose the kind of music he wants at his/her wedding. South Indian weddings perform a cliché music that is quite common and well-known to everyone. It has become a tradition for a … Continue reading Wedding Music/Band Set

Seat Arrangements

Most often than not seating arrangements have always been a worry to the families of the bride and the groom. The number of guests to appear should always be proportional or lesser than the seats available. If you’re like many it isn’t a painstaking measure to attend a wedding and bless the couple but if … Continue reading Seat Arrangements

Air Coolers

Dream Decors provide hired air coolers on stage to keep the Bride, Groom & the guests calm and cool. In any special occasion, it is of most importance for the people to look at their best and therefore the photos wouldn’t need much of a retouch. We provide these air coolers to ensure a sweat-less event … Continue reading Air Coolers

Reception Decoration

Receptions are generally an occasion which attracts more guests than the wedding itself. Therefore it is a must for the reception decoration to be perfect and attractive. Dream Decors provide the best floral setups and stage decoration to set the mood and capture the attention of every guest there. The stage decorations include the throne … Continue reading Reception Decoration

Temporary Wedding Halls

Temporary wedding halls can be arranged and decorated based on the requirements. Dream Decors is ready to find rental temporary marriage halls for your needs, be it a wedding or even any religious event. We can also show you the halls at our disposal and you get to pick the one you like. Once that is … Continue reading Temporary Wedding Halls

Fancy Dress

Birthday parties or sometimes theme parties like Halloween, Pirates or even cartoon characters requires people to dress up like a beloved cartoon character and entertain the crowd. Children especially enjoy while their imagination comes alive and in front of them. Dream Decors are ready to provide cartoon characters of various kind, clowns or animal costumes or … Continue reading Fancy Dress